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Centres and Institutes

Heythrop has four Research Centres and two Institutes, based in the two Departments of Theology and Philosophy. In many cases the work they do is interdisciplinary, involving Heythrop staff from other departments and also visiting research fellows and representatives of faith and community groups.

The Centre for Christianity and Interreligious Dialogue
The Centre for Christianity & Interreligious Dialogue was established in 2002 and exists to advance scholarship and dialogue through research, teaching, conferences and publications. It promotes interdisciplinary – particularly theological, historical, political and pastoral – approaches to the study of Christianity and interreligious dialogue.

The Centre for Eastern Christianity
The Centre aims to create a significant scholarly opening in Eastern Christian Studies through high-level publications and strategic research for a wider academic and ecclesial audience. It is especially concerned with: the history of relations between the Catholic Church and Eastern Christianity; the wider ecumenical dialogues on ecclesiology and theology; the modern history of the Eastern Catholic churches; the contemporary situation of Eastern Christianity in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

The Centre for Philosophy of Religion
The Centre for Philosophy of Religion (CPR) aims to expand the philosophy of religion beyond the confines of a narrow specialist discipline by re-establishing the links between religion as a set of theoretical claims and its moral, psychological and spiritual aspects, and by exploring how it is related to contemporary secular and scientific thought. It approaches philosophy of religion in a way that is sensitive to the beliefs and practices of the great religions, and it encourages interaction with other branches of philosophy, as well as broader interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Centre for Textual Studies
Established in 2013, the interdisciplinary Centre for Textual Studies aims to offer an opportunity to develop and showcase the translation and text-critical skills of academics across all Heythrop’s disciplines. It is led by the biblical studies group based in Heythrop’s Theology Department.

The Heythrop Institute for Religion & Society
Founded in 2003, the Heythrop Institute for Religion and Society (or HIRS) seeks to provide a place for research, reflection and action by means of projects related to the relationship of religion and society. We foster research opportunities and resources for individual researchers and groups, for churches and faith communities, for civil society organizations and for the wider public. HIRS hosts seminars, training days and conferences.

The Religious Life Institute
Formed in 2009, the Religious Life Institute is a response to initiatives from the Conference of Religious of England and Wales and grassroots members of various religious orders.