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Visiting researchers

We welcome visiting researchers to join our vibrant research community. Please review our three categories of visitor and complete the relevant application form to apply.

Note that while there are no deadlines for applications, you do need to apply at least three months before the starting date of the fellowship. All enquiries must be sent to the member of staff with whom you are interested in working or to Dr Ann Jeffers, Director of Research.

Visiting Research Fellow

This fellowship is intended for an established academic or someone engaged in a relevant research project, who wishes to undertake research in a subject area relevant to Heythrop. A fellowship offers the opportunity to contribute to Heythop's research culture. This is normally offered for a period of between one academic term and three academic years.

Visiting Research Fellow application

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

This fellowship is open to researchers who have recently completed their doctorate (or who will do so by the time the fellowship begins) and who (usually) do not hold a permanent post at another academic institution. The fellowship can be held for up to one year, but is renewable.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow application

Visiting Research Student

This is open to students registered on research degrees at other academic institutions, who wish to conduct research under a supervisor at Heythrop, for a period of between one term and one year.

Visiting Research student application