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Staff or Students visiting Heythrop from other institutions using eduroam


When visiting Heythrop College your credentials are forwarded on to your home institution for authentication. The method of authentication (e.g. EAP, PAP, MSCHAPv2) is what is supported by your home institution.

Support is provided by your home institution and not Heythrop College!

Even though you are physically located here at Heythrop College and connecting through the Heythrop Network infrastructure, your home institution should be your first point of contact for enquiries and support.

Although we cannot support non-Heythrop visitors, below is a useful list of tips and help:

1. Prior to visiting Heythrop College you should check the JANET website to confirm your home institution supports authentication from external institutions participating in the JRS eduroam service. Furthermore, you should confirm you can connect to the eduroam service when physically located at your home institution prior to visiting Heythrop College. 

2. User Name and Password: The domain name of your home institution must be specified when authenticating. This is to ensure your credentials are forwarded on to the correct institution e.g.[userid]@[domain] or

3. If all else fails, contact your IT support at your home institution - not Heythrop College. In turn, they may contact Heythrop but this is the correct support route.

My institution does not support authentication from external institutions

If the institution you are visiting from does not support authentication from external institutions you will need to use the Heythrop Conference WiFi service instead, details of which are available at Reception.

More information about the eduroam service can be found at on the  eduroam website.

All institutions and individual users are bound by the  eduroam (uk) Policy.

Heythrop College staff and students are bound by the Heythrop Computer Regulations.