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Heythrop response to recent coverage at Independent Catholic News

The Governors of Heythrop College appreciate the many messages of appreciation and support which they have received, not least on this website, since the closure of Heythrop as a college of the University of London was announced at the end of June. The quality of our work has been underlined this past academic year - in the much improved REF results, especially in "impact" and "research environment" which placed us up amongst some of the top universities and departments in the UK and just two weeks ago by the improved National Student Survey results which placed us third in the University of London and 21st overall in the country in the Times Higher Education Journal survey. 

Two of our key features are that we are specialist and we are small. The latter is one big reason why people like us  but we are just too small to carry the necessary regulatory, administrative and student services costs which any autonomous institution needs to carry these days and be financially viable and some five years ago a substantial structural deficit was identified.  And now the market for undergraduates is highly competitive and it’s very hard for a small place like ours with limited resources to compete with larger universities and colleges on the facilities and resources which school leavers are looking for. You can read a report on what we have done to address this situation over the past three years here:  The Society of Jesus has supported the College generously since 1970 but there is of course a limit to what they can provide. 

The Society, which owns the major assets of the College, and the Governors, recognizing how important this work is, are collaborating to find a way of maintaining Heythrop's mission but in a form that is viable and sustainable. We look for your support and for your ideas as we set about maintaining this valuable work for the future.