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Statement from Heythrop College

Heythrop College, University of London

Father Michael Holman SJ is stepping down as Principal of Heythrop College.

He says a number of factors have come together to make him believe this is the right time to move on.  In a letter to the Chair of Governors, Andrew Kennedy, Father Holman wrote: “As you will remember, I was assigned to Heythrop by the Society of Jesus for four years. Those four years were up at the end of last year. Furthermore, the College is now entering its last two years as a college of the University of London so governors will be able to appoint a principal who can continue to manage this stage of Heythrop’s long history by providing the best possible teach-out experience for all concerned. The new principal will also, of course, be able to continue discussions about the future.  Finally, as you are aware, a factor in my taking this decision at this time is an underlying health issue which I would be foolish to ignore.”

He continued: “It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with the Governors of the College over the past four years and two terms. I have the highest regard for Heythrop’s work, for its students, who are such a credit to the College and the Society, for its wonderful staff and, of course, for my equally wonderful colleagues on the Senior Leadership Team.  I am very grateful to everyone and I shall miss you all. Please be sure that before I go I shall do all I can to help with the hand-over to my successor.”

The Governors will immediately start the process of appointing his successor who will focus on leading the College during its final two years as a college of the University of London.

Reacting to Father Michael’s decision to step down, Chair of Governors, Andrew Kennedy said: “Michael has made an outstanding contribution to the College at a challenging time. He has been a great colleague and friend to so many at the College and will be greatly missed. The Governors are extremely grateful for all his hard work and commitment. We wish him all the best for the future.

We will now focus on appointing a successor who can continue Michael’s important work”.