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The Centre for Eastern Christianity

The Centre aims to create a significant scholarly opening in Eastern Christian Studies through high-level publications and strategic research for a wider academic and ecclesial audience. It is especially concerned with: the history of relations between the Catholic Church and Eastern Christianity; the wider ecumenical dialogues on ecclesiology and theology; the modern history of the Eastern Catholic churches; the contemporary situation of Eastern Christianity in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

About the centre

The Centre seeks to bring into conversation the Eastern and Western traditions in contemporary contexts and challenges, for example, relations between Christianity and Judaism; Christianity and Islam; the religious identity of Europe; Church-State relations and the question of Jerusalem. It has a unique expertise on Christianity in the modern Middle East, on ecumenical dialogues since Vatican II and on contemporary Christian encounters with Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.

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To receive updates about forthcoming events, please email and put 'Subscribe' plus your name and title in the message subject. Please address all other enquiries to:, Executive Administrator, Dr John Flannery.


Other Staff

  • John Flannery