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The Centre for Textual Studies

If there is one thing that unites all aspects of philosophy and theology, it is textual studies.

Open booksEstablished in 2013, the interdisciplinary Centre for Textual Studies aims to offer an opportunity to develop and showcase the translation and text-critical skills of academics across all Heythrop’s disciplines. It is led by the biblical studies group based in Heythrop’s Theology Department.

The Centre has studied questions of whether a biblical translation can really be faithful to the original, new ways of thinking about translation and how it might be most usefully conceived. It is now planning a longer-term project for a network of interdisciplinary and inter-collegial collaborators meeting for annual conferences and subsequent publications over a period of three or four years. As home to theologians, biblical scholars and philosophers, Heythrop is the ideal locus for such projects.


The participants comprise an interdisciplinary network of collaborators, which includes contributors from a range of institutions as well as the Heythrop College academic staff in Philosophy, Theology and Pastoral Studies.

The Heythrop Biblical Studies group

The Centre finds its home in the biblical studies sub-division of Heythrop College. 

Past Collaborators

Prof Sacha Stern 
(University College, London)
Dr Garrick Allen 
(Dublin City University)
Prof Ingo Kottsieper
Westphalian Wilhelms University, Münster)
Dr H H Drake Williams III  
(Tyndale Theological Seminary and Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Leuven, Belgium)
Prof  Joan Taylor 
(King’s College London)
Prof Bart Koet  
(Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, Netherlands)
Dr Sean Adams 
(University of Glasgow)
Dr Stacey Gutkowski  
(King’s College, London)
Dr Steve Smith 
(University of Chichester)
Professor Michael Trapp 
(King’s College, London)
Prof Catherine Hezser 
(SOAS, University of London)
Dr Garrick Allen 
(Dublin City University)
Dr Matthew Nicholls  
(University of Reading)
Ms Rebekah Welton 
(University of Exeter)
Dr Francesca Middleton 
(University of Cambridge)
Prof Greg Woolf  
(Institute of Classical Studies, University of London)
Prof Annette Steudel  
(Georg-August Universität, Göttingen)
Prof Tim Whitmarsh  
(University of Cambridge)
Dr Lindsey Askin
(University of Cambridge)
The Bible Society UK
Dr Daniele Pevarello 
(Trinity College, Dublin)


Get in touch

For further information on the Centre for Textual Studies, please contact the Director:

Dr Jonathan Norton
Director of the Heythrop Centre for Textual Studies
Heythrop College, Kensington Square
London W8 5HQ 

Tel: 0207 795 4232  Email:




Other Staff

  • James Aitken
  • John Barton
  • Marthe Kerkwijk
  • Matt Kimberley
  • Nick King
  • Charlotte Naylor
  • Joe Norton
  • Jon Riding
  • Mark Scarlata