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Dr Agneta Mauléon Sutton

Visiting Lecturer


Since 2003 Agneta has been a visiting lecturer at Heythrop. In 2001 she completed her doctoral thesis at King’s College London, which was entitled ‘Marriage, Contraception, Celibacy and the Family in the Early and Late Writings of John Paul II: A Critical Study’. This included a comparison between the sexual ethics and methodology of John Paul II and Karl Barth.

She has lectured at King’s and the University of Chichester, and is also currently Associate Lecturer at the Maryvale Institute, Birmingham.

Agneta is the Associate Editor at the peer-reviewed international journal Ethics and Medicine.

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Papers in Books

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Other Information

Agneta is a happy grandmother to nine grandchildren, writes a weekly science column for the Catholic Times and is currently writing a book on egg donation.